New iPhone cases and accessories received negative reviews. The Verge shared its impressions of Apple’s new product after the relevant tests.

It is a special FineWoven material that the company began using in its products instead of leather. It is used for iPhone 15 cases, AirTag holders, and MagSafe wallets. Apple calls FineWoven a “luxurious and durable microfiber”. The material is silky and slightly slippery to the touch. The cost of the products is not the lowest. For example, a phone case will cost $59, and an AirTag holder will cost $35.

But FineWoven is hardly a premium material. For example, when I unpacked the MagSafe wallet, it showed signs of wear and tear. As for the phone case, it did not pass the “fingernail test”. And this is despite the fact that it will potentially come into contact with car keys.

The scratches on FineWoven look like they will stay forever. They didn’t disappear even after a week of wearing it, despite periodic attempts to “polish” the scratches by running your finger over them. One can only imagine the condition of the case after a year of use.

Perhaps FineWoven would have been acceptable in a less expensive case. Or if Apple never called it “durable”. But its current cost hardly matches its claimed quality.

During the presentation on September 12, Apple announced that it was abandoning leather in its products in favor of FineWoven. The tech giant also shared other environmental intentions, including plans to eliminate plastic packaging by the end of 2024.