Apple intends to eliminate plastic packaging by the end of 2024. The tech giant’s plans are described in AppleInsider.

Meanwhile, Apple’s environmental plans will not be limited to this. The company has also announced that it will no longer use leather in its products. Instead, it will use a material called FineWoven. It is made from recycled materials and comes in several colors.

Apple’s commitment to protecting the environment is manifested in other measures. For example, the giant will use recycled metals in its production process.

For example, about 95% of the body of the new Apple Watch Ultra 2 is made of recycled materials. The iPhone 15 line uses 100% recycled cobalt for its batteries.

As you know, Apple aims to reduce the climate impact of its devices to zero by 2030. During its traditional fall presentation on September 12, the company emphasized these environmental intentions and promised to implement them.