Can an electric car be sporty? The Volkswagen ID.X Performance concept car tries to answer this question with a “yes”.

In fact, it is the factory tuning of the recently introduced Volkswagen ID.7 electric sedan – but it was lowered by 60 mm, aerodynamic elements were added, and 20-inch wheels were installed. It turned out very well!

However, the most interesting changes are the internal ones. And now we are not talking about a red steering wheel or sports seats. Now we are talking about the installation of two electric motors with a total capacity of 411 kW or 558 “horses”!

In addition, the two-engine scheme made it possible to implement all-wheel drive. It will be recalled that the Volkswagen ID.7 electric sedan was launched with one version – 210 kW (286 hp) and rear-wheel drive. And now the Volkswagen ID.X Performance concept demonstrates the potential for significant growth.

But the question is: when will something like the Volkswagen ID.X Performance concept become a production electric vehicle rather than a concept? And will it ever become one? There is no answer yet, but we would like to hope so…