The anonymous creator of the viral song Heart On My Sleeve, featuring the AI-generated voices of Drake and The Weekend, has released a new track. This time, it features AI-generated voices of Travis Scott and 21 Savage, writes The Verge.

We are talking about a person known as Ghostwriter. His new composition is called Whiplash and was posted on TikTok. The creator also left a message to the two performers.

“The future of music is here. Artists now have the ability to let their voice work for them without lifting a finger,” Ghostwriter’s message reads. “It’s clear that people want this song. DM me on Instagram if you’re interested in allowing me to release this record or if you’d like me to remove this post.”

The author also added that if Travis Scott and 21 Savage allow the song to be released, he will send them royalties.

Meanwhile, The New York Times reports that Ghostwriter is also submitting Heart on My Sleeve to the Grammy Awards in two categories: Best Rap Song and Song of the Year. Potentially, it has a chance to win because it is creatively acceptable, as it was written by a human being. However, the song must meet the standards of “general distribution,” which require availability in physical stores, online stores, or streaming services.

We would like to remind you that after its release, the song Heart On My Sleeve became wildly popular on social media. However, the situation itself has shaken up society, including authors who fear that AI will steal their jobs and earnings. In addition, amid the growing use of generative artificial intelligence in music, the American Recording Academy updated the rules of the 66th annual Grammy Awards.