Linus Sebastian, the founder of Linus Media Group (LMG), talks about working on technical errors and ethical issues in a new video, writes The Verge.

LMG, the company behind the well-known tech tipster Linus Tech Tips, took a 10-day pause to evaluate its processes. During this time, the company held meetings with team members to identify the performance and communication issues that led to the recent allegations.

According to Linus Sebastian, the company will no longer insist on uploading videos every day and will slow down the pace to check the authenticity of the content. He emphasized that Linus Tech Tips now has a “clear rubric” posted on the YouTubers’ forums. It will help to determine the extent of a possible error in a working video and measures to correct it. LMG also intends to engage an expert group to check the accuracy of the company’s videos.

The company also plans to increase business transparency. In addition, it now has a system for tracking the status of products provided by LMG to avoid confusion about goods.

Despite discussing work-related issues, the company’s founder did not address the sexual harassment allegations made recently by a former employee.

Linus Media Group recently announced that it was stopping video production due to criticism of technical errors and allegations of sexual harassment.