Linus Media Group, the company behind the popular tech tipster Linus Tech Tips, has suspended video production and is working to improve its operations. The company is currently in a crisis due to ethical violations and sexual harassment allegations, writes The Verge.

In a video titled “What do we do now?”, Linus Media Group CFO Yvonne Ho said that the channel is suspending production for the next week. This is to address issues raised by the Gamers Nexus YouTube channel regarding video errors and ethical practices.

“I agree with the community,” Ho said in the video, “so I’m putting my foot down. Effective immediately all YouTube video production is on pause.”

The issue came to a head a few days ago when Gamers Nexus posted a video outlining a number of factual errors and ethical issues in recent Linus Tech Tips videos.

“We’ve been seeing an alarming amount of conflicts from Linus Tech Tips as it relates to their corporate connections, their flow of money, and the potential bias as a result of those things,” said Gamers Nexus host Steve Burke.

His biggest concern was a prototype GPU cooler from Billet Labs. According to Gamers Nexus, Linus Tech Tips obtained the copper cooler, tested it on the wrong GPU, and then auctioned it off without the company’s permission. Considering that this was a single prototype that Billet Labs needed to complete the final product and bring it to market, the YouTuber could have caused irreparable damage to the young company.

After the video was released, Linus Sebastian, founder and main host of Linus Tech Tips, began to respond to concerned fans on the channel’s forums. According to him, the sale of the cooler was an accident due to a misunderstanding, and the company is working with Billet Labs to resolve the issue.

However, the situation continued to escalate. In response, Linus Tech Tips released a video in which Linus Media Group employees discuss their plans to address the issues raised by Gamers Nexus, including suspending production to focus on improving documentation and testing processes.

“I was the one at the head of the company for each and every mistake that our community has rightly brought to our attention,” Sebastian said in the video.

But then the situation began to develop in a new direction. Former Linus Media Group employee Madison Reeve accused the company of creating a toxic work environment and of sexual harassment directed at her by employees.

Linus Sebastian said he was shocked by the information. According to him, this is not in line with the company’s values. For his part, the company’s CEO Terren Tong announced an internal review and the intention to hire an external investigator to look into the allegations.