Demonstrating the operation of a device or any other product has always been an important point in sales. Nowadays, it is difficult to find a store in which a consultant does not demonstrate the product to the customer before selling it. But Samsung went even further, and in order to show the work of the Galaxy S23 to iPhone users, they made a separate site that will depict OneUI 5.1 directly in iOS.

To “turn” an iPhone into a Galaxy S23, you need to go to the special page from your smartphone and add it to your desktop. Having opened it in this way, the user will see the desktop of the main iPhone competitor, navigation tips and can visually try to enter some applications, browse the gallery, settings, etc.

In such a demonstration, of course, not all functions, details of customization and settings work, but a window appears with a brief description of their capabilities. What’s more, during the introduction, the user will even receive a message with, for example, an offer to start the camera or try other features.

Of course, a demo is no substitute for a “live” experience with an actual device in your hands. In addition, such a “simulator” does not work as well as a real device. But still, for those who are planning to change their smartphone and haven’t seen Android for a long time, this option will give some idea of the appearance of the interface and the logic of its operation.

Well, it is unlikely that this kind of demonstration will be a deal breaker in making a decision to purchase a new gadget. But it is worth giving credit to Samsung for an interesting approach to marketing its own products.