Google is testing an artificial intelligence personal assistant that can offer life advice, writes The New York Times.

The DeepMind and Brain AI labs have been working on this development for several months. Now the group is testing the results of its work.

The team focused on ensuring that the assistant could perform at least 21 different types of personal and professional tasks, including the ability to provide life advice, ideas, planning instructions, and study tips.

The Project Idea Generation feature can provide users with recommendations based on the situation. The Training feature can help you learn new skills or improve existing ones. And the Planning feature can create a financial budget, as well as nutrition and exercise plans.

Currently, Scale AI, a contractor working with Google DeepMind, has gathered experts in various fields to test the assistant’s capabilities. Among other things, they are testing its ability to answer personal questions about problems in a person’s life.

The project shows the urgency of Google’s efforts to become a leader among artificial intelligence producers, and demonstrates its growing willingness to trust AI systems to perform important tasks. It may also mark a shift away from Google’s previous caution about generative AI.

By the way, in Japan, AI will tell customers in a supermarket what they should buy. Fujitsu’s technology uses video cameras to detect customers lingering at the windows, comparing products, or reacting to information in the store.