The Japanese supermarket Aruk Mitajiri in the city of Hofu has begun to analyze customer behavior and transfer it to generative artificial intelligence to advise which products should be purchased, writes The Register.

The supermarket began testing the system using Fujitsu’s technology. With the help of video cameras, it detects customers lingering near the windows, comparing products or reacting to information in the store.

Thanks to the observation of the behavior of the customers, the prompts are created for the AI, which are voiced by a personalized avatar. According to Fujitsu, this means customers will return to the shelves with confidence in what they want to buy.

Testing of the technology in the supermarket will last until October 15. Based on the results of the tests, Fujitsu plans to launch the system during the 2023 fiscal year, which ends on March 31, 2024.

It was previously reported that the chain of fast food restaurants Wendy’s automates its service express customer service using a voice chatbot with artificial intelligence. The service will work on the basis of natural language software developed by Google and will be able to understand the many ways in which customers will make orders.