China has imposed restrictions on the export of civilian long-range drones, citing Russia’s war in Ukraine and concerns that the drones could be converted for military use, AP reports.

The export controls will take effect on August 1 to prevent the use of drones for “non-peaceful purposes,” the Commerce Ministry said in a statement. However, some types of drone exports will still be allowed.

“The risk that some high-tech and high-performance civilian unmanned aerial vehicles will be converted for military use is constantly growing,” the Commerce Ministry said.

The restrictions will apply to drones that can fly beyond the natural range of operators’ visibility or stay in the air for more than 30 minutes, have attachments that can drop objects, and weigh more than 7 kg.

As a reminder, according to a US intelligence report, Beijing may have provided Russia with equipment used in Ukraine that could have military applications. The document cites Russian customs data showing that Chinese state military contractors have supplied drones, navigation equipment, fighter jet parts, and other goods.

Thus, China’s decision to restrict the export of civilian drones may mean that it will be even more difficult for Ukraine to buy drones, while Russia will continue to secretly obtain them with China’s permission.