Author of “Kobza” created a puzzle game “Lahoda”, new game available on iOS and Android

Ukrainian mobile game developer Sasha Kozlov, who previously created Kobza and Game of Words, has announced a new game. It is a Ukrainian puzzle game called Lahoda. The author wrote about this on Facebook.

The new game is free and available at iOS and Android.

“According to the app’s somewhat pretentious description, Taras Shevchenko, Lesya Ukrainka, and other prominent Ukrainian poets helped create the levels of Lahoda. The thing is, every level of Lagoda is a poem. Tricky algorithms spoil it, and the player’s task is to correct all the mistakes and restore the original text,” wrote Sasha Kozlov.

According to him, the game’s library contains more than 30 authors and over 400 poems. The project is aimed at two groups of people: those who like to read poetry and those who do not.

“Lahoda is designed to be a calm, meditative game. This puzzle doesn’t challenge you, it just wants to help you relax. A lot of attention has been paid to sound effects and atmosphere, no timer to pressure you, no advertising banners popping up everywhere. There are none in the game at all. I thought that advertising for a fictional casino would not go well with Ukrainian poetry,” the developer said.

He also added that Lahoda has a surprisingly convenient tool for distributing poems: you can even color them a bit before sending them to social media. You can support the project by telling your friends about it.

At the end of last year, Sasha Kozlov introduced a word game called Literally. In the spring, it became available on Android and in English.