Oleksandr Kozlov, a Ukrainian mobile game developer, known for the projects Kobza and Word Game, presented his new game – Literally. And yes, it’s a play on words again.

The main opponent of the player in Literally is time. This is a kind of race in which the user must collect words from the available letters so that the game does not end.

In Literally there is a “story” consisting of 200 levels and 77 tasks; 66 proverbs that are encrypted in levels; simplified mode for those who do not like to rush; minimalist design; incredible Ukrainian-made fonts; statistics and achievements; power saving mode, which will help kill the battery more slowly. And what is important, there are no ads in the game, at least in its Ukrainian version.

Currently Literally is available only on iOS, but after beta testing on Apple users, the author promises to release the game on Android as well. So, we invite everyone who wants to learn Ukrainian by playing.