Sonos is preparing to announce the second generation of the Move wireless speaker. In the meantime, some details about the novelty appeared on the network.

The design of Sonos Move 2 will not be fundamentally different from its predecessor. The column will receive a new olive color in addition to the standard white and black. There will also be a new touch panel for controlling functions, as in speakers Sonos Era 300 та 100.

One of the biggest upgrades will be the appearance of full-fledged stereo sound thanks to two tweeters – the first generation was equipped with only one tweeter. Also, the column will have a woofer, which will be responsible for reproducing low frequencies. The Automatic Trueplay function will optimize the sound of the Move 2 when you move the device to another location.

Another significant innovation will be autonomy up to 24 hours. Compared to the first generation Sonos Move’s 11 hours, that’s a giant leap forward. Also, the column should consume less energy in idle mode. Plus, it will be possible to charge other gadgets. Furthermore, the battery of the device will still be replaceable.

The Move 2 will be able to play audio via Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and USB-C (if you buy a special adapter). The device will receive Wi-Fi 6 and Bluetooth 5.0 modules, as well as HomeKit/AirPlay support. It will also be protected against moisture according to the IP56 rating.

It is expected that the cost of Sonos Move 2 will be $449 – $50 more than its predecessor. The announcement of the column should take place at the end of September.