Google announced updates to Search designed to make it easier for users to control information about themselves. This was reported by Engadget.

Last year, the company released a tool that helps people remove search results that include their phone number, home address or email. Google has now updated the ‘Results About You’ tool to make it more efficient.

A new dashboard will soon be available to notify users when such personal information appears in Search. Once notified, the user can quickly ask Google to remove these results.

Earlier this year, the company debuted Google One, a feature that can check to see if a user’s information was included in a data breach. The “Results About You” update seems to work on a similar principle.

The user can access the tool in the Google app by clicking on their profile picture and selecting “Results about you”, or on a special web page created by the company. The tool is currently available in the US in English, but Google plans to offer it in other languages and regions soon.

Similarly, Google is updating a system that helps users delete their candid photos. In addition, the company is releasing updates for parental controls and SafeSearch. Also, it makes it easier to access parental controls from Search. To do this, you need to enter a request such as “Google parental controls” or “Google family link”. An information window will explain how to configure the settings.

It was recently reported that Google is starting a new pilot program within which some employees will be limited in accessing the Internet on desktops. This is done to reduce the risk of cyber attacks.