Google is starting a new pilot program in which some employees will be restricted from accessing the Internet on desktop computers. This is done to reduce the risk of cyber attacks. This was reported by CNBC.

The company will disable Internet access on select desktops, except for internal web tools and Google-owned websites, such as Google Drive and Gmail. Exceptions will be made for some employees who need the Internet for work.

In addition, some employees will not have root access, which means they will not be able to run administrative commands or perform actions such as installing software.

The program is launched at a time when companies are facing increasingly “sophisticated” cyber attacks. It also comes at a time when Google, which is preparing a company-wide rollout of various artificial intelligence tools, is trying to strengthen its security. The giant has also been making more efforts to prevent leaks in recent months.

“Ensuring the safety of our products and users is one of our top priorities,” a Google spokesperson said in an emailed statement. “We routinely explore ways to strengthen our internal systems against malicious attacks.”

By the way, recently Google updated its policy to allow app developers to integrate digital assets such as NFTs into their games via Google Play.