Microsoft Flight Simulator: Eastern European updates and new Aero Vodochody planes

Despite the announcement of Microsoft Flight Simulator 2024 developers from Asobo Studios and Xbox Game Studios continue to update the world in Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020. And although it has not yet reached Ukraine, we can be happy for our Eastern European neighbors.

In the next update World Update XIV: Central Eastern Europe‘s updated maps and detailed cities include the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Slovenia, Croatia, and Bosnia and Herzegovina. Among them: 103 architectural monuments, including castles and churches; 10 detailed cities; 6 manually created airports; new tests; research flights and four new navigation flights – Czech Route, Northeast Adriatic, Danube Journey, and Carpathian Journey. The last two definitely pass near the territory of Ukraine.

As always, World Update XIV: Central Eastern Europe is free for all players and can be picked up from the in-game store.

In addition to updating the game world, Asobo Studios and Xbox Game Studios presented new planes in the Local Legend series, and also from Eastern Europe. These are Czech aircraft of the 1940s and 1950s from the company Aero Vodochody – Aero Ae-45 and Ae-145. They can be purchased in the game store for $14.99. Aero Vodochody is the company from the city of Vodochody/Odolena-Voda that produces modern light attack aircraft Aero L-159 ALCA.

We will remind, during 2023 Microsoft Flight Simulator got An-225 Mriya, An-2 Kukurudznyk and Antonov / Hostomel Airport.