The British company MG, which, however, is now owned by the Chinese, presented a “hot” version of its own electric car MG 4 called XPower.

It is interesting that from the outside you can distinguish the special modification of MG 4 XPower only by the brakes with yellow calipers, on which there is a corresponding inscription “XPower”. The rest is the usual C-class hatchback, the usual aerodynamic “fish”. After all, all kinds of double anti-wings and spoilers are also found in regular versions of the “four”.

But there are more than enough changes inside! It’s worth starting with the fact that the MG 4 XPower electric car has four-wheel drive thanks to two electric motors: the front one produces 150 kW, the rear one already 170 kW – that is, a total of 320 kW of power or 435 hp is obtained. It is not surprising that with such parameters, the MG 4 XPower electric car accelerates from 0-100 km/h in 3.8 seconds.

To match the impressive dynamics, more powerful brakes were added to the MG 4 XPower model – large “XPower” calipers and 345 mm discs. In addition, the MG 4 XPower electric car received a stiffer suspension and Bridgestone Potenza tires.

However, the changes in the interior are few again: only sports mode on the instrument panel, a separate tab on the central touch display, small decor…

But they ask relatively little for a “hot” electric car, taking into account its power and dynamics. The cost in Great Britain starts from 36.5 thousand pounds – this is the equivalent of 43 thousand euros. What do you think: should traditional “hot” cars with gasoline diesel engines of similar power worry?