The famous British brand MG has been owned by the Chinese company SAIC for several years. It is difficult to determine what country it belongs to. However, it is worth noting that MG constantly pays maximum attention to the European market: sales in several countries, passing crash tests, and the presence of hybrids and electric cars in the lineup.

The number of the latter has recently increased with the debut of MG4 Electric. You might think that this is only about one electric car, but in fact, you have to look at the issue more broadly: it is about the debut of a new platform.

So, before us is the MSP platform – as an abbreviation of Modular Scalable Platform, which fully corresponds to its purpose: this platform allows you to change the wheelbase (2.65-3.1 m), create cars of several types and classes, install electric motors of different power. Some media claim that it is possible to install extra-large batteries and one or even two electric motors, which allows you to implement all-wheel drive.

Although, according to the information released by MG, the new MG4 Electric electric car will have rear-wheel drive and two power levels: 125 or 150 kW. You can also choose the size of the battery (51 or 64 kWh), which directly affects the distance of autonomous mileage: a maximum of 450 km according to the rules of WLTP measurements.

The rest of the technical characteristics are also quite reasonable: a five-door body, a length of 4.29 meters with a 2.7-meter wheelbase. That is, we have a classic hatchback of the European C-class. Although it is certain that eventually, we will see more impressive electric cars on the new MSP platform.

Also, we are waiting for new information from MG!