Traditionally, Sony starts the “additional” distribution of games for the more expensive PS Plus tariffs in the second half of the month, a couple of weeks after general announcement for all packages, including the basic PS Plus Essential. So, from July 18, the following games for PS4 and PS5 will be available to subscribers of Extra and Premium tariffs:

It Takes Two (PS4, PS5) – an action adventure game that can be played, as the name suggests, exclusively for two, in cooperative mode (and you can invite a friend to the game even if they do not have this game).

Sniper Elite 5 (PS4, PS5) is the latest part of the popular series of tactical shooters, where the player takes on the role of a sniper from the Second World War.

Snowrunner (PS4, PS5) — an off-road truck driver simulator in an open world.

World War Z (PS4, PS5) — a cooperative third-person shooter in which a group of players fight off an onslaught of zombies.

The Ascent (PS4, PS5) — action/RPG in the style of cyberpunk with a very detailed world, high-quality graphics and good reviews from both critics and players.

Undertale (PS4) — a role-playing game with “retro” graphics that was released on Steam back in 2015 and has extremely favorable reviews there. In the following years, the game was ported to PS4, PS Vita, Nintendo Switch and Xbox One.

Dynasty Warriors 9 (PS4) — the latest part of the well-known Japanese series of hack and slash games based on the Chinese medieval novel “The Three Kingdoms” and adds elements of fantasy to the real historical struggle of the three kingdoms.

Also, from July 18, SpongeBob SquarePants: Battle for Bikini Bottom – Rehydrated (PS4), Melty Blood: Type Lumina (PS4), Dysmantle (PS4, PS5), Circus Electrique (PS4), Samurai Warriors 5 (PS4), My Little Pony: A Maretime Bay Adventure (PS4, PS5), Fast & Furious: Spy Racers Rise of SH1FT3R (PS4, PS5) and Monster Jam Steel Titans (PS4) will be added to the PS Plus Extra and Premium catalog.

In addition, the catalog of “classics” of the PS Plus Premium tariff will be replenished with the following games from PSP and PS1: Gravity Crash Portable (PS4, PS5), Twisted Metal (PS4, PS5) and Twisted Metal 2 (PS4, PS5).