Another interesting restomod, but this time electric and conceptual – that is, it has no chance even for small-scale implementation. However, it turns out to be very interesting: because the Audi EP4 Concept concept car is very similar to the ZAZ-966/968 Zaporozhets!

But wait: this Zaporozhets is similar to the 1961-1973 NSU Prinz car. At some point in its history, NSU became part of Audi, and the former NSU plant is now celebrating its 150th anniversary. It was in honor of the anniversary celebration that the conceptual restomod Audi EP4 Concept was created.

The NSU Prinz model of 1971 was taken as a basis, but its internals were completely replaced taking into account modern realities and developments. For example, instead of a traditional engine, an electric motor from Audi e-tron is installed here: this is how the concept received a considerable power of 176 kW or 240 hp. A battery from an Audi Q7 PHEV car was used to power the motor. By the way, the battery is hidden under the front hood, where the original model and Zaporozhets had a trunk.

In addition, elements of the suspension and braking system from the Audi A1 were used, new headlights and lights were installed, and spoilers were added to improve aerodynamics. And so it was possible to create the Audi EP4 concept – or the real Zaporozhets dream of an average teenager of the 1980s. Isn’t it?!