For many boys and men, the Lamborghini Diablo supercar from the 1990s is a real dream. But can the dream be made even better? Eccentrica believes that yes!

The restomod Lamborghini Diablo Eccentrica was recently introduced: this is when a famous car from the past is updated with modern technology, but keeping the original style. Well, in the latest restomod supercar, the style of Diablo is instantly recognizable!

However, the Eccentrica company put in a lot of work. The metal body is strengthened, the outer panels are made of carbon fiber, 19-inch wheels were added instead of the 17-inch ones in the original. However, perhaps the biggest change can be considered the complex channels of the air intakes that adorn the rear of the car.

This is really very important, because if the V12 5.7 engine remains generally unchanged, but it has been slightly “enforced”. Thus, a new fuel system and camshafts with other developments made it possible to increase the power from 492 hp. up to 550 “horses”! And a big engine, as you know, needs a lot of air.

In addition, a lot of work was done with the headlights. From now on, they are built on the basis of LEDs, and the protective covers can be installed in several positions – fully revealing the headlights or only a thin strip of daytime running lights. Among other changes: new suspension, more powerful BREMBO brakes, 6-speed manual transmission, self-locking rear differential (rear drive here), extended wheel arches.

In addition, the interior of the car has also changed significantly. For example, the instrument panel is made on the basis of dot-matrix displays, alcantara and aluminum are used, and the seat covers are made in a horizontal stripe – because style is the main thing!

In the end, it turned out to be a great restomod, don’t you agree?! Only one problem – you need to have an original Lamborghini Diablo and another 1.2 million euros to pay for the work of Eccentrica. In total, it is planned to make 19 such cars.