BMW 5-series recently debuted, but is already preparing to expand the line. Among other things, due to the appearance of versions of the BMW M5 in sedan and station wagon bodies, Сarscoops reports.

The first photos of camouflaged BMW M5 prototypes are appearing all the time – while driving on the test site and in static conditions. At the moment, it is difficult to see the details and differences of the future “hot” versions, but it is already clear: you should expect your own front bumper with a large air hole, enlarged wheel rims and brakes, and a branded exhaust system with split double pipes.

And you should also expect the electrification of the BMW M5 car – this is hinted at by numerous stickers on test specimens. It is predicted that the BMW M5 will receive a PHEV-hybrid engine based on a gasoline V8, which will be able to produce about 800 hp of power and 1000 Nm of torque. Of course, to realize such power, you will need four-wheel drive.

When will all this happen? Probably, BMW M5 cars in sedan and station wagon bodies will be presented and go on sale in 2024 – about a year after the first appearance of the current generation BMW 5-series.