A group of previously unknown hackers claimed responsibility for a cyber attack on the russian satellite communications provider Dozor-Teleport, whose services are used by energy companies and the country’s defense and security services. This was reported by The Record.

The fact that the provider was disconnected from the network was confirmed by the head of the internet analysis department of the Kentik company, Doug Madory.

The hackers behind the attack claim to be affiliated with the Wagner Group. This information has not been officially confirmed, and industry experts have expressed skepticism about it.

However, the group of hackers claims to have damaged some satellite terminals, and leaked and destroyed confidential information stored on the provider’s servers. The group posted 700 files, including documents and images, on the leak site, as well as some of them on its newly created Telegram channel.

One of the documents reveals an alleged agreement that gives russian special services access to information about subscribers of Amtel Svyaz. Amtel is the parent company of Dozor.

The Ukrainian Cyber Alliance believes that if the claims about damage to Dozor services are true, the process of restoring the main network may last from several days to several weeks. Instead, custom hardware reprogramming and full recovery can take several months.

We will remind that on June 15, a hacker attack on the website of Suspilne media has been carried out. With this in mind, Suspilne turned to the government computer emergency response team CERT-UA.