Chinese studio HoYoverse, authors of free gacha games Genshin Impact and Honkai: Star Rail, earned in 2022 27.34 billion yuan (approximately $3.82 billion) and earned a revenue of 16.14 billion yuan (approximately $2.25 billion). This is stated in the report of the Chinese government publication Guangming Daily, dedicated to 30 leading companies in the field of entertainment of the PRC.

If these numbers are true, it means that HoYoverse has an incredible revenue-to-earnings ratio and that the company has more revenue in 2022 than Activision Blizzard ($1.513 billion) or Electronic Arts ($789 million).

And this also means that HoYoverse entered the list of the 10 largest game companies in the world, jumping immediately to the 8th place and overtaking Take-Two Interactive ($3.5 billion in revenue), Bandai Namco ($3.1 billion) and Ubisoft ($2.5 billion). That is, Ubisoft, which has been unlucky for several years, leaves the Top 10 game companies.