By 2024, 43% of companies plan to start or are already using artificial intelligence (AI) in hiring interviews. This is evidenced by the results of the survey by Resume Builder.

Two-thirds of this group believe AI-powered interviews will improve hiring efficiency, and 15% say AI will be used to make decisions about candidates without human intervention. At the same time, 85% are convinced that the program will provide recommendations on candidates, but the final decisions will still be made by a person.

“It’s no surprise that companies are investing in AI interviews as they continue to try to streamline the interview process,” comments Chief Career Advisor Stacie Haller. “I personally don’t believe that human interaction can ever be replaced, but if companies believe this will help them screen candidates effectively, we will see this practice continue to grow,” she says.

When asked at what stage AI interviews will be conducted, 65% of respondents said that it serves as an early screening tool, 14% said that it is the last stage of the process, and 17% said that the AI interview will be the only stage.

In addition, 79% of respondents say it is “very likely” (31%) or “somewhat likely” (48%) that AI-assisted interviews will screen out qualified candidates more often than interviews with a human interviewer.

Also, 62% of respondents believe it is “very likely” (27%) or “somewhat likely” (36%) that AI will eventually completely replace hiring managers in their companies.

We will remind that last year Google algorithms offered a better solution how to prepare for an interview. The Interview Warmup tool uses artificial intelligence to help job seekers practice interviewing for different positions.