Netflix released the first trailer for the highly anticipated series One Piece during the Tudum event. The video, which lasts around 90 seconds, gives a first look at the live-action adaptation of Eiichiro Oda’s manga, showing off the main cast, giant sea monsters, and Luffy’s super-stretched arm as he dreams of becoming the King of the Pirates. The eight-episode series is set to premiere on Netflix on August 31.

The series is based on Eiichiro Oda’s One Piece manga and anime. The Netflix adaptation was first announced in 2020, and while there have been small teasers since then, this trailer offers the first full look at the show.

In a letter written last month, Oda mentioned that Netflix had promised not to launch the series until he was satisfied, hinting at a possible delay with the planned 2023 release. However, it seems that streaming managed to satisfy the author’s requests.

Oda has previously stated that this is his last chance to show One Piece to the world, and that he wants to control the process while still actively involved in the development of the manga, which is why he agreed to the One Piece adaptation back in 2016.

Netflix hopes that One Piece will help popularize anime adaptations. So far, streaming cannot boast of too popular projects in this genre. It has previously worked on adaptations of popular manga and anime, such as the Death Note movie and the Cowboy Bebop series, the latter of which was closed after the first season. Other projects Netflix is preparing include My Hero Academia and another attempt to screen Death Note.