As you know, once Netflix already made a film based on the popular franchise Death Note, but viewers were not satisfied with it. On IMDb the rating is only 4,5/10.

However, Netflix is ​​not going to back down and plans to film a new live action for Death Note, and this time the Duffer brothers, authors of the super popular series Stranger Things, will take the case. Netflix announced about extended cooperation with them on June 6, when it was announced that the Duffers are creating Upside Down Pictures, which will take on new projects for Netflix, including their version of the Death Note film adaptation (as well as Stranger Things spinoff).

Unfortunately, there are no details yet on the new Death Note – neither when we can expect it, nor what the plot will be. It is not even known whether it will have anything to do with the 2017 film adaptation. Although given its low ratings, most likely the new film adaptation will have nothing to do with the previous film.