We already have Euro Truck Simulator 2, there is American Truck Simulator, Alaskan Road Truckers and even a few Soviet/post-Soviet truck simulators, links to which we will not provide. And now we got Star Trucker – a simulator of a space trucker. What’s more, here even space tractors are very similar to terrestrial tractors.

The declared features of Star Trucker also fully correspond to the usual trucking simulators with the correction of a fantastic setting: laying routes on space hyperhighways; purchase of new components and necessary supplies; “auto” customization; going into outer space to repair and service the truck; smuggling; stylistics of retrofuturism, etc.

Star Trucker is developed by the English studio Monster and Monster, which before that seems to have been exclusively engaged in mobile games, and is published by the Swedish Raw Fury. The game will be released in 2024 and for now only on Steam. The game page already exists so we are already adding Star Trucker to the Wishlist.