Ukrzaliznytsia (Ukrainian Railways) together with the Ministry of Digital Transformation is testing the Internet from Starlink in trains. This is done in order to solve the problem of the lack of a network in trains running in Ukraine. This is reported by AIN.UA.

For this purpose, a test train of the Intercity+ class with several dozen Starlink terminals is already running through the country. The train takes different routes to ensure the most complete experience possible. Terminals are also used on trains that carry out diplomatic flights. A total of 40 terminals are involved.

By the end of the year, Ukrzaliznytsia and the Ministry of Digital Transformation plan to equip 16 trains of the Intercity+ category with access to the satellite Internet network. Specific deadlines for the implementation of intentions are still unknown, because the system needs quality testing.

The teams shared the intermediate results of the tests. According to them, the best result is achieved thanks to the combined model of Starlink and the LTE network. This ensures a network availability level of 97% throughout the journey.

It is planned to install 4 terminals, 10 SIM cards and 2 access points in each Intercity+ car per train. This allows you to keep the speed at the level of 500 Mb/s. Traffic distribution: Starlink – 60%, and LTE – 40%.

Until now, Starlink was used at stations as a backup, and in some places – as the main communication channel, as, for example, in Kherson. In total, up to 50 terminals are used at Ukrainian railway stations.

Previously, SpaceX warned users about the possible blocking of Starlink terminals in case of downloading and distribution of pirated content.