The SpaceX company warns users about possible blocking of Starlink terminals in case of downloading and distribution of pirated content, writes
AIN with a reference to the People’s Starlink community.

SpaceX may block Starlink terminals for pirated content

At the same time, Reddit users noticed that SpaceX warns against unlicensed downloads selectively. Until now, users have been receiving Starlink disconnection notices for trying to download content belonging to major Fortune 500 companies.

SpaceX may block Starlink terminals for pirated content

Ukrainians who neglect copyright were also informed about their responsibility. Most of the notifications are received by those who download pirated products on torrent trackers.

“Yes, this can cause service to be disconnected and someone will be left without a connection. Yes, this means that downloading torrents and other bullshit from the Starlink terminal is currently not worth it, even if you really want to. Yes, this means that the operator of the Starlink network, SpaceX, will be forced to respond to such complaints. And it most likely will set up appropriate control tools, and maybe limit traffic for violators,” said community administrator Oleksandr Stepanets.

As you know, Starlink satellite internet started working in our country a year ago. It played an important role in the beginning of the full-scale war in Ukraine, when the Russian military focused on destroying communications. Starlink antennas allowed Ukrainian troops to maintain communication.