ASUS is updating its range of motherboards, expanding its fleet of models for the AMD Socket AM5 platform. Among the expected functional devices is the relatively modest ASUS Pro A620M-C-CSM on the AMD A620 chipset. The feature of this board is the presence of a PCI slot. In the middle of 2023, such a “hello from the past” looks extraordinary.

ASUS Pro A620M-C-CSM photo 2

Of course, ASUS Pro A620M-C-CSM belonging to the corporate line generally dictates its requirements. The model is not initially offered for home systems, so the strange, at first glance, equipment of the board is only from the point of view of the average user.

However, the proximity of PCI with the Socket AM5 connector for Ryzen 7000, slots for DDR5 memory and connectors for high-speed M.2 PCI-E 4.0 x4 drives usually causes some dissonance, and at least the desire to share the news of the appearance of such a product.

ASUS Pro A620M-C-CSM front

Please note that we are not talking about the now common PCI Express (PCI-E) bus, but about PCI, which was developed by Intel back in 1991. The 32-bit version of the interface (33 MHz) common at the time offered a data transfer rate of 133 MB/s. Before the appearance of AGP in 1996, the capabilities of this interface were sufficient even for connecting video cards. For example, let’s recall the classic of the genre – S3 Trio 64V+ 2 MB. Yes, there is no error, exactly 2 MB (!). By the way, in those days no one particularly complained about the lack of video card memory capacity. Now 8 GB is not enough.

With the advent of Accelerated Graphics Port (AGP), video cards actively migrated to this bus, and PCI was still used for a long time for sound cards, TV tuners, modems, network controllers and other peripherals.

Obviously, in addition to typical consumer devices with a PCI interface, a lot of specialized equipment was produced, which may well still remain relevant. It is for such cases that ASUS offers the ASUS Pro A620M-C-CSM model.

ASUS Pro A620M-C-CSM – a motherboard with a PCI slot. Needed in 2023?

In addition to the presence of an archaic PCI slot, what else do you pay attention to during a superficial inspection of the board? Well, of course, the first thing that catches your eye is the pleasant green in the design of the printed circuit board. It is almost as wonderful as the general color of the picture of our spring PC of the Month. Subjectively, there is currently a great lack of an appropriate variety of colors for consumer models.

Motherboard manufacturers don’t want to take any chances, preferring neutral black. This classic option frankly makes me bored. Therefore, even rare antipodes with a white PCB already receive +1 point for external design. In the past, manufacturers experimented much bolder, now they even leave green only for corporate models. Add color!

ASUS Pro A620M-C-CSM – a motherboard with a PCI slot. Needed in 2023?

By the way, we note that the board has two slots for DDR5 memory modules, but the limitation on the total capacity of 96 GB means that the ASUS Pro A620M-C-CSM initially supports the new 48 GB modules. Boards on AMD A620 allow you to experiment with RAM, going beyond the specifications, and even for the corporate model support for DDR5 6400+ is specified.

The processor power stabilization system has a relatively modest configuration and does not provide for additional cooling of the power elements. At the same time, ASUS Pro A620M-C-CSM claims support for a CPU with a thermal package of up to 120 W. That is, only the top Ryzen 9 7900X/7950X with a TDP of 170 W will not be included in the list.

ASUS Pro A620M-C-CSM – a motherboard with a PCI slot. Needed in 2023?

Only by composition of the interface panel, one can guess that before us is a model of the corporate line. First of all, it is evidenced by the presence of a COM port. PS/2, DVI, and VGA are also becoming less common on average consumer models, but these are only supporting features.

The kit lacks an overall LPT port, but there is an internal block with one near the bottom edge of the board, so everything is fine – the corresponding port can be removed if necessary. There is also another internal COM next to it, so if you need two such connectors at once – everything is at your service.

The panel also has a pair of USB 3.2 Gen2 with a bandwidth of 10 Gb/s, and one of them is in the Type-C format. So if it is necessary to connect some modern peripherals, then such an opportunity will also be available.

ASUS Pro A620M-C-CSM photo

Of course, for a typical platform ASUS Pro A620M-C-CSM will not be the best choice. The presence of outdated and not actually relevant for most users interfaces will usually be redundant functionality that increases the price of the device. As for the cost, it has not yet been announced by the manufacturer. But moderate price tags are expected from AMD A620 models. The appearance of boards on this chipset should reduce the entry cost of the Socket AM5 platform.

There is already a “domesticated” model Asus PRIME A620M-A on sale, which is still one of the most affordable motherboards for Socket AM5 on our market. It has certain functional differences, which are not limited to the lack of a PCI slot. First of all, there are already 4 slots for memory modules (up to 128 GB DDR5 6400+). Support for the entire line of Ryzen 7000 processors is declared, including models with a TDP of 170 W.

An additional radiator is already provided on the main VRM power elements. COM and LPT ports are unlikely to be missed by anyone, but the loss of USB 3.2 Gen 2 is a little disappointing. In addition, the developers propose to independently put the Type-C port on the side of the case.

The current retail price of the Asus PRIME A620M-A is about UAH 5,100 (~$135). Well, not cheap, not cheap… And even without PCI support. By the way, I wonder if you still use any expansion cards specifically with the PCI interface?