The debate between users who buy protective cases for their smartphones on the one hand, and those who use the smartphone “as is” on the other, is probably as eternal as “Android vs. iOS”. But this does not negate the fact that the case will really help preserve the appearance of the device for longer periods of time.

The updated design of the Google Pixel 7 and Pixel 7 Pro has not received many changes. At the same time, some details were reworked. The largest of them is a block of cameras “wrapped” in aluminum, which was previously completely glass. Also, the upper part now does not have a large plastic insert to improve communications.

Of course, Zack Nelson on his YouTube channel JerryRigEverything could not pass by the novelty from Google and tested the durability of the updated case.

The situation with glass is quite standard. Both the front and back of the smartphone can be scratched just like competitors. A protective film will cover this issue on the display.

But with the rear part, an additional issue was the ease of damage to the camera unit. And here, as often happens, aluminum did not resist scratches for a long time. Nelson barely had time to take the device out of the box when he slightly scratched the surface.

In other words, you won’t have to wait for a long time for the “scar” around the cameras. Therefore, users who want to keep the appearance of a new smartphone in its factory form for as long as possible will still have to buy a case.

Hermeticity was also questionable. Although Zack didn’t manage to bend the device, heavy pressure on the back cover did reveal a weak spot for the antenna next to the camera unit. If you leave your smartphone in your back pocket and accidentally sit on it, then it is better not to bring the gadget near the water. The unfortunate fall of the relatively heavy body (212 grams) will also not go unnoticed for a mostly glass device.

That is why additional costs for a protective case in this case will not be superfluous, because the Pixel 7 Pro turned out to be quite prone to small scratches. It is better not to accidentally release it from your hands, and an unsuccessful pressure on the case will violate the protection against water and dust.