President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelenskyy arrived in Great Britain today for high-level talks with Prime Minister Rishi Sunak on supporting Ukraine during an aggressive Russian invasion.

The President of Ukraine intends to brief the Prime Minister on his recent discussions with other European leaders as Ukraine prepares for a period of increased military activity. His visit coincides with the upcoming Council of Europe summit in Iceland and the G7 summit in Japan. According to the office of the Prime Minister of Great Britain, at both of these events, Rishi Sunak will speak for the continuation of international support to Ukraine, including military aid and long-term security guarantees.

Last week, Great Britain strengthened Ukraine’s military capabilities by providing precision missiles Storm Shadow. This is the first time that Ukraine has received long-range cruise missiles, an important asset in countering ongoing attacks on vital national infrastructure.

Rishi Sunak is expected to announce further UK aid today, including the supply of hundreds of anti-aircraft missiles and additional unmanned aerial systems. This includes a significant number of new long-range strike drones capable of over 200 km. These military resources are planned to be delivered in the coming months, which will strengthen Ukraine’s defense capabilities.

Over the past year, Great Britain has trained 15,000 Ukrainian servicemen, increasing their combat readiness. In addition, the Prime Minister announced in February that the UK would initiate a program to train Ukrainian pilots, helping them build a new Ukrainian air force equipped with F16 fighter jets.

Ukrainian pilots will begin initial flight training this summer, adapting a program currently used by British pilots to give them skills applicable to different types of aircraft. This training complements the UK’s efforts in cooperation with other countries to provide Ukraine with F16 fighter jets.

Next month, Great Britain will also host the Ukraine Recovery Conference, designed to attract international investment to support reconstruction. The conference aims to stimulate new sectors such as clean energy and technology that flourished in Ukraine before the full-scale Russian invasion.

In 2022, Great Britain provided Ukraine with 2.3 billion pounds of military support, second only to the United States. Prime Minister Sunak promised to maintain this level of support during the current year.