Great Britain supplied Ukraine with Storm Shadow / SCALP-EG cruise missiles, which will give the Armed Forces of Ukraine the opportunity to deliver powerful strikes at a long range. This was reported by CNN, citing several high-ranking Western officials.

“Great Britain has previously stated that it will supply long-range weapons to Ukraine, so this will now include Storm Shadow missiles. The British government has clearly stated that this is only a response to Russian attacks on civilian infrastructure in Ukraine, and it is a proportionate response,” an unnamed Western official told CNN.

Rumors about the possibility of providing Ukraine with Storm Shadow / SCALP-EG cruise missiles appeared as early as February 2023, and we already talked in detail about this weapon.

UK Defense Secretary Ben Wallace is expected to announce the delivery of Storm Shadow missiles in the House of Commons shortly.

Great Britain supplied Ukraine with Storm Shadow / SCALP-EG cruise missiles with a range of 250-560 km [UPDATE]

Storm Shadow / SCALP-EG is an Anglo-French air-to-surface stealth long-range cruise missile capable of delivering a two-component BROACH warhead weighing 450 kg to a range of up to 560 km (export options only 250 km).

The UK has between 700 and 1,000 Storm Shadow missiles. France – about 500 more SCALP-EG missiles. Each such missile costs $1.71 million in 2022 prices and, of course, must be compatible with the platform aircraft.

Well, let’s wait for the official announcement of the British Defense Minister Ben Wallace. And of course, thank you, Great Britain!

UPDATE. British Defense Minister Ben Wallace confirmed the transfer of Storm Shadow missiles.

“Today, I can confirm that the UK has donated Storm Shadow missiles to Ukraine. Storm Shadow is a long-range conventional precision strike capability. The donation of these weapon systems gives Ukraine the best chance to defend themselves against Russia’s continued brutality. Especially, the deliberate targeting of Ukrainian Civilian Infrastructure, which is against International Law. Ukraine has a right to be able to defend itself against this. Russia must recognise that their actions alone have led to such systems being provided to Ukraine,” said Ben Wallace.

SCALP-EG / Storm Shadow missiles specifications
Mass – 1300 kg
Length – 5.1 m
Diameter – 0.48 m
Wingspan – 3 m
Warhead – 450 kilograms BROACH
Engine – Turbomeca Microturbo TRI 60-30 turbojet, producing 5.4 kN thrust
Operational range – 560 km or 250 km (export version)
Flight altitude – 30–40 m
Maximum speed – 1000 km/h, Mach 0.8-0.95 (depending on altitude)
Guidance system – Inertial, GPS and TERPROM. Terminal guidance using imaging infrared DSMAC
Launch platform – Eurofighter Typhoon, Panavia Tornado, Dassault Mirage 2000, Dassault Rafale