A new type of content created by artificial intelligence is actively spreading on the Internet. These are trailers for fictional films and advertisement, reports CNET.

A characteristic feature of such videos is that they are funny and at the same time disgusting. In such AI trailers, you can see distorted faces or spider fingers next to champagne glasses.

It is not yet clear whether the AI-generated videos are intended to be taken seriously, or whether they are meant to be parodies that demonstrate the capabilities of AI. With all that, users react to the crazy and disgusting videos with funny tweets.

“We’re living in the chaos of AI-generated content, and I love it. I love it because it’s stupid. I love it because it’s obviously terrible. I love it because it drives an insane discourse about what AI can and can’t do. I love it because everything about it is utterly busted. I love it, but it won’t last,” the author of the publication believes.

In his opinion, one of three things could happen next. For example, in two years, people will watch movies and TV shows from artificial intelligence, which will not differ from the real ones. But it may happen that AI generated movies / TV shows will push to the niche of VR and they won’t become anything special. And it may be that all this will simply pass.

Regardless, this golden period — where people are vomiting out the most grotesque AI abominations known to man and passing it off as worthwhile and important — is temporal. It will undoubtedly end and we can’t take this for granted. It’s our sworn duty to enjoy it for as long as it lasts, the author added.

We will remind you that recently the track Heart on My Sleeve, written with the use of artificial intelligence, became wildly popular on TikTok, Spotify, YouTube and other services. The song simulates the vocal parts of Drake and The Weeknd and was recorded by a person, known as @ghostwriter. Soon the composition was removed from streaming services, but it aggravated creative and legal issues in the music industry.