The company Ukrspecsystems presented its new reconnaissance UAV SHARK UAV. The idea of ​​creating this complex appeared already after the start of a full-scale invasion, and all the work from the project to the first flight lasted less than half a year. This is a completely Ukrainian drone – from idea to production.

Ukrspecsystems SHARK UAV is a small UAV that is launched using a catapult and lands on parachutes. According to the company’s specialists, SHARK can solve all the main tasks of reconnaissance, surveillance, and adjustment of fire. The drone is equipped with a camera with 30x optical zoom and additional digital zoom and has a reliable encrypted communication channel.

As reported by Militarnyi, according to the developers, SHARK is already fully ready for use in combat conditions. The UAV is designed specifically for penetrating into temporarily enemy-controlled territory: conducting deep aerial reconnaissance and adjusting fire, including from Western long-range weapons, such as HIMARS.

The drone is equipped with a highly reliable communication module and a modern camera system that allows you to go deep into the enemy’s rear for 60 km and conduct surveillance at a distance of up to 5 km from the UAV to the object.

We will remind you that the main project of Ukrspecsystems is the UAV PD-2, which is actively used military Last December, the company tested Gekata radio-technical reconnaissance aerial complex based on this very UAV.

Technical specifications of the SHARK UAV
Endurance – 2 hours
Communication range – 60 km
Practical ceiling – 2000 m
Take-off weight – 10 kg
Wingspan – 1.91 m
Deployment time – 15 minutes
Maximum speed – 150 km/h
Cruising speed – 70-90 km/h
Dumping speed – 60 km/h
Load – optical-electronic surveillance complex with 30-fold optical magnification and additional digital zoom