Canadian singer and music video maker Grimes has allowed her voice to be used for songs generated by artificial intelligence (AI). This is reported by The Verge.

“I’ll split 50% royalties on any successful AI generated song that uses my voice,” Grimes posted on Twitter Sunday night. “Feel free to use my voice without penalty.”

Grimes says she has no label and no legal obligations. She didn’t specify exactly how the arrangements would work, but the profit sharing could be for “viral” or “super popular” tracks created using her voice from popular songs.

Recently, the AI-written track Heart on My Sleeve has exacerbated creative and legal issues in the music industry. The song simulates the vocal parts of Drake and The Weeknd and was written by a person known as @ghostwriter. In a matter of days, the track became popular on TikTok, Spotify, YouTube, and other services, but was later removed from streaming platforms.

The release of the track has fueled concerns in the music business that AI models are learning from their copyrighted works and displacing them. Also, royalty-free music generators can be used for commercials or film music. This can undermine the precarious position of musicians working in this field.