The era of paper computer publications in the USA, which began in the 1940-50s of the last century, is coming to an end. The April 2023 issues of Maximum PC and MacLife magazines will be the last to appear in paper. From now on, both will exist in digital format. In this regard, the website Technologizer sheds tears over the coming epic.

We are also feeling sorry for Maximum PC, at one time it was this magazine that we tried to follow when creating Home PC.

Maximum PC and MacLife, the last two US paper computer magazines, are closing

Actually, the Technologizer writers are being not completely honest because there is still WIRED in the US. Of course, it is not quite a computer magazine, more technological, cultural and political, but still. By the way, a year’s subscription to WIRED, which includes 6 paper issues, costs only $5 for the first year. Unfortunately, in the very long list of countries where you can subscribe to WIRED, only two are missing – Russia and… Ukraine.

Interestingly, in Great Britain and Germany, paper computer magazines still exist and there are even many of them. In the UK there are MacFormat, Computeractive, PC Pro, Stuff, T3, How It Works and several others. In Germany, LinuxUser, Computer Bild, Computer Zeitung, Chip (yes, it’s still around, 44 years on) and others. But it is not clear how long it will still last. Here, rather some inertia of readers and advertisers works for the publication, rather than market conditions.

Maximum PC and MacLife, the last two US paper computer magazines, are closing

The journals Mathematics of Computation (1943–1954), Digital Computer Newsletter (1949–1968), and Computers and Automation (1951–1978) are competing for the title of the earliest computer paper (paper, of course, we are talking about 1940-50), but these are publications for computer engineers and scientists.

The first computer magazine in the modern sense is Computerworld (1967–2014). Computerworld continues its existence as a website.