After release, Diablo IV will receive significant quarterly updates with additional storylines. This is reported by Gamespot citing the Game Informer story.

Joe Piepiora, assistant game director for Diablo IV, told Game Informer that while he doesn’t dare use the word “expansion,” the game’s quarterly post-launch updates will include additional story content and even new gameplay mechanics and features. In addition, such updates will be accompanied by Season Battle Passes, which have both free and premium options. A little earlier, Blizzard confirmed that the first season of the game will not start immediately after the release of Diablo IV, but will start a little later.

Blizzard recently offered more information on what exactly Diablo IV’s endgame will look like in the form of a developer video. Nightmare dungeons, alongside areas out in the open world called Helltides, will make up the bulk of the endgame experience. Nightmare dungeons serve as harder, remixed versions of the more than 100 dungeons present in Diablo IV at launch, with various affixes further spicing up the replayability of each dungeon.

As for Helltides, multiple areas in the world can be affected by them at once and persist for a limited time. Deadlier enemies will spawn within a Helltide’s borders, including remixed versions of various bosses from throughout the game.

As a reminder, the recent Diablo IV beta test became one of the biggest in Blizzard history. Our impressions of the beta version of the game can be read here.