The beta test of Diablo IV ended a few days ago, and Blizzard has shared some statistics about exactly how players behaved during the initial introduction to the game.

Yes, in total more than 61.5 million hours were spent in the game — that is, about 7 thousand years! During this time, players killed 30 billion monsters, but also died almost 47 million times. The Beta Wolf Pack cosmetic reward, which is given for reaching character level 20, has been received by about 2.6 million players (by the way, unlike other progress during the beta test, this reward will carry over to the release version of the game).

The classic Diablo boss – The Butcher, was killed almost 600,000 times, and he himself was able to defeat 1.7 million players. As for the most difficult boss of the Diablo IV beta test, Ashava, her “score” is not at all in favor of the players: she killed more than 10 million of them, while she herself died “only” 100 thousand times. At the same time, one player almost managed to kill her solo – but only “almost”.

Blizzard also reported that the most popular class was the Wizard, followed by the Necromancer (despite the fact that it was only available in the second, open part of the beta test). In addition, Diablo IV was ranked number one in terms of viewers on Twitch during the test.