Things seem to be going very well for Resident Evil 4 remake: first it became known that the game set a record online at the start among other games in the series, then Capcom boasted three million copies sold in the first two days, and now, what with the release on March 24, the total circulation of the game exceeded 4 million copies.

This makes the remake of Resident Evil 4 one of the most successful games in the franchise: for example, Resident Evil 7 sold 2.5 million copies in its first week (and more than 3.5 million in the first three months), and Resident Evil: Village sold 5.7 million in the first nine months. As far as remakes go, the previous parts also sold very well, although worse than Resident Evil 4: RE2 Remake sold over 3 million in the first 3 days, and RE3 Remake sold 2 million in five days.

The only game in the series, the start of which was more successful than the remake of Resident Evil 4, is the sixth part: RE6 sold as many as 4.5 million copies on the first day, but then “something went wrong”: players were instantly disappointed in it, and the game needed all the year to get past the 5 million mark. So it is very likely that the remake of RE4 will quickly “beat” the indicators of RE6.