Kyiv studio Twigames started developing a game Hollow Home, the events of which take place during the siege of Mariupol. It’s a narrative RPG about survival during city combat. The authors are inspired by such projects as This War of Mine and Disco Elysium.

Hollow Home tells the story of 12-year-old Max living in Mariupol and begins on February 23, 2022, the day before a full-scale invasion. According to the authors’ idea, the goal of the game is to show the horrors of war through the eyes of a child. Players will see how people despair and lose hope, and the crowded and beautiful Mariupol becomes a battlefield and turns into its own shadow.

Hollow Home: a game about the siege of Mariupol in the spirit of This War of Mine

The developers of Hollow Home are trying to show a large city during the war as authentically as possible. Three districts of Mariupol are available for research, which change over time, houses are destroyed, residents die, russians occupy entire districts.

Quests in the game are based on real events and are mostly about survival and helping others. But due to the fact that the number of actions that can be taken each day is limited, players will be forced to make painful decisions.

Hollow Home: a game about the siege of Mariupol in the spirit of This War of Mine

By interacting with other characters and completing tasks, Max learns new skills: medical care, cooking, and creating essential items.

Hollow Home is in development for PC and consoles, and soon Twigames studio should present the first trailer for the game.

Let us remind you that Hollow Home is not the first game that tells about the traumatic experience of this war and the events of which take place in Mariupol. This heroic city also appears in the game The Nightmare Winter, which, by the way, has already been released on Game Jolt, and in one of the parts of the collection of visual novels about war Ukraine War Stories.