The full version of the selection of visual novels about the war Ukraine War Stories from the Kyiv studio Starni Games appeared on Steam. The studio announced this project in July 2022 and now it got to the release. The game is completely free and is designed to tell people from all over the world about the first month of the war in Ukraine.

Ukraine War Stories consists of three stories that take place in the first months of the war in Hostomel, Bucha and Mariupol. In part, these stories are based on the own experience of the game developers, such as Oleksandr Androschuk, who spent a week during the occupation hiding with his family in the basement.

Visual novels are a completely unusual genre for Starni Games. This studio is known for the series of turn-based wargames Strategic Mind, one of which Strategic Mind: Blitzkrieg was even banned in Russia due to the parade of German vehicles on Red Square in Moscow after the victory in the German campaign.

Ukraine War Stories has very positive player feedback so far – Steam-rating of the game is 84%, but the developers expect an attack by Russian trolls supporting aggression against Ukraine, who will lower the ratings. Therefore, we suggest readers to evaluate this project independently, no matter how painful it may be, and recommend the game to friends. If you think that this is a worthy project that helps spread information about events in Ukraine around the world, leave your feedback and a positive rating.