Ukroboronprom state concern notified about the start production of 125-mm shells for Soviet-style tank guns. Production was launched in close partnership with an unnamed NATO country abroad.

By order of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine, the first batch of 125-mm shells for T-64, T-72 and T-80 tanks, with which the Security and Defense Forces of Ukraine destroy the invaders, has already been delivered.

Ukroboronprom started to produce 125-mm shells for tanks

The ammunition shortage is one of the urgent needs of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, which both Ukrainian manufacturers and Western partners are trying to solve. The Armed Forces of Ukraine require millions of shells of both USSR and NATO calibers every month, depleting army warehouses all over the world. Not a single country in the world was ready for a major war, and the current production capacity of shells in Europe and the USA cannot meet the needs of Ukraine. Therefore, the pace of production is urgently increased, opening new lines and restoring previously closed production.

The only thing that is at least a little reassuring is that Russia is also experiencing a hunger for ammunition, and by the way, also for guns, even though it is trying to replenish the stockpiles of ammunition in Iran, North Korea, and the People’s Republic of China.

We will remind, earlier Ukroboronprom reported on the start of production of Ukrainian 152-mm shells, 82-mm fragmentation mines and 120-mm mortar mines.