The Ukroboronprom State Concern reports about the start of joint production of a 120 mm mine with one of the member countries of the North Atlantic Alliance. A contract has been concluded with the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine for supply, so soon the Ukrainian military at the front will receive new mines.

It is reported that 120-mm mines are manufactured using modern technologies, and production facilities are dispersed, in particular, some of them are located in a European country.

The ammunition is guaranteed to hit enemy infantry within a radius of 25 m to 60 m and fragment distribution can reach 250 m. 120-mm mine is capable of destroying engineering structures and destroy lightly armored vehicles. In general, 120-mm mortar can hit targets at a distance of up to 7 kilometers, and with modern ammunition – at a distance of more than 8 kilometers.

120-mm mortar is one of the most widespread types of artillery weapons of the Armed Forces of Ukraine and is actively used in combat operations. The issue of the combat supply of these weapons is very important.

We remind you, that previously we reported that Ukroboronprom launched a serial production of 82-mm mortar rounds abroad. Even before that it became known about the beginning of the production of domestic 152-mm caliber shells.