Another interesting game announced by Paradox Interactive together with Cities: Skylines IIThe Lamplighters League by Harebrained Schemes.

This is a kind of XCOM meets Indiana Jones about a team of adventurers and desperadoes, who in an alternative world of the 1930s fight against the tyrannical cult of the Banished Court. You have to assemble a team of Lamplighters League that opposes the Banished Court and travel around the world to try to prevent the reign of tyranny.

The authors promise unique charismatic heroes with their own skills, an interesting combat system with interesting combinations of hero abilities, team and base development, and so on. As we said, XCOM meets Indiana Jones.

The Lamplighters League is developed by the experienced team at Harebrained Schemes, who have worked a lot on turn-based RPGs/strategies. They are responsible for such unique games as Shadowrun Returns, Shadowrun: Dragonfall, Shadowrun: Hong Kong and BattleTech. It was after the release of BattleTech that the studio became part of Paradox Interactive.

The Lamplighters League is coming to Windows PC on Steam, Epic Games Store and Microsoft Store and on Xbox Series S|X sometime in 2023. Add the game to your wishlist because Harebrained Schemes is always cool.