Recently we talked about the cost of manufacturing Pixel 7 Pro smartphones, now analysts from CounterPoint Research calculated how much money Google spends on one Pixel Watch smartwatch.

According to their data, it costs about $123 to make one Pixel Watch. We are talking about the LTE version of the watch, which is estimated at $399. More than a quarter of this amount is spent on the chipset and memory. Let me remind you that the gadget uses an Exynos 9110 chip from Samsung, a co-processor MIMXRT595S from NXP, 2 GB of RAM and a 32 GB storage device from Kingston.

The display is supplied by BoE, the protective glass is by Corning. Together, these elements account for 17.2% of the total amount. Casing, water protection, and thermal treatment are in third place in terms of expenses (14.7%).

Google spends $123 to make one Pixel Watch


It is not known how much Google also spends on development, support and marketing. However, it can be assumed that this ratio of manufacturing costs and official value is typical for this segment. For example, OnePlus spends about $68 to produce one OnePlus Watch, which costs $159.