Analysts from Counterpoint Research calculated the production cost of the mmWave version of the Pixel 7 Pro. According to their data, one such smartphone costs Google $413. Interestingly, half of the components for devices are manufactured by Samsung.

The South Korean company is the sole supplier of QHD+ AMOLED displays for the Pixel 7 Pro, which is about 20% of the smartphone’s production cost. The Tensor G2 chipset is a joint development between Google and Samsung. Samsung also manufactures the ISOCELL GN1 camera module, the telephoto lens module and the front camera. And the company is involved in the production of the mmWave antenna together with Murata and a number of other components.

The production cost of Pixel 7 Pro is $413, half of the components are from Samsung

Skyworks is responsible for supplying Wi-Fi modules, SK Hynix provides Google with 128GB NAND Flash drives, Sunwoda Electronic manufactures batteries, and ATL supplies battery cells for them.

The Pixel 7 Pro costs $899, but that doesn’t mean Google makes almost $500 on each smartphone. It is also necessary to take into account the resources for the development of the gadget, marketing and other costs. And considering that Google often gives discounts on its devices (at the time of writing the Pixel 7 Pro costs $749 at American Google Store), it would be interesting to know what the real profit of the company is from the sale of smartphones.