We recently reported that Tesla, together with other companies and the American government, agreed to develop a network of charging stations across the United States. In particular, Tesla will make available 7,500 of its Supercharger stations for electric vehicles of other brands.

It seems that the process has already started, because photos of the Supercharger station, which is equipped with a special Magic Dock adapter, have appeared online. It allows you to charge not only Tesla electric cars, but also models of other car manufacturers.

A sign next to the charging station offers to scan a QR code for instructions for non-Tesla electric car owners

When the Magic Dock is locked, the station can be used by Tesla owners by pulling out a cable with a proprietary connector. If the Magic Dock is unlocked in the Tesla app, the user pulls out a cable with an adapter to the CCS connector, which is suitable for most electric cars in America.

A Supercharger from Magic Dock has been spotted in upstate New York, not far from Buffalo. The Gigafactory New York plant is also located there, which, in particular, manufactures Supercharger stations.