The administration of the US president has announced new initiatives as part of its $7.5 billion plan to install 500,000 charging stations for electric vehicles by 2030. One of them is the opening of 7,500 Tesla charging stations for electric cars of other brands by the end of 2024.

In 2021, Tesla announced a program to open a Supercharger for everyone. Its pilot is currently active in 16 European countries and is set to launch in the US. According to information from the White House, the total number of 7,500 stations will include 3,500 new and existing Supercharger stations with a charging capacity of up to 250 kW, which are located along various highways. The other 4,000 are stations of the second level, so-called Destination Charging stations with a capacity of up to 22 kW. Such stations are installed near hotels, restaurants and in other urban and rural locations. The same network of Tesla charging stations will more than double.

To receive government funding, companies must provide users with a universal CCS charging system, which dominates the US, as well as a payment system that works with a smartphone. Tesla currently uses its own charging system in America, but has promised to add the CCS standard as well.

In addition to Tesla, companies such as General Motors, Ford, ChargePoint, EVgo, Pilot Company, Hertz and others also have agreements with the government. They should expand their own networks of charging stations or install charging stations in designated locations.